A breakthrough discovery will treat cataract without surgery


As a result of the ten years of research work, scientists have discovered key factors for the proper operation of the lens. By affecting them, they plan to develop efficient drug therapy. For patients with developing and progressive cataract, this means a revolution in the treatment of severe illness.

Cataract remains one of the leading causes of blindness. Lounge lens develops gradually, worsening quality. The progressive stage of the disease is currently being treated only by a surgical path — by installing an artificial substitute for a lens, but the therapy is not available to everyone. For more than ten years, scientists investigated complex disease development mechanisms and made a breakthrough discovery in its nature,

And secondly, they found that in the development of the disease, Aquaporin proteins are involved — membrane proteins of lens fibers, which regulate fluid outflows and adhesion.

«Our results indicate the role of proteins of Aquaporins, which are crucial for the proper work of the lens and clearness,» the author of Barbara Pirishchek commented on the author.

Currently, many patients do not have the opportunity or testimony for surgical intervention, so the development of drugs can solve the existing problem of the inaccessibility of the operation for hundreds of thousands of patients. There is still a big research work, but scientists plan to make medicines simple and affordable. It is not excluded, it will be pills or eye drops.

The second leading reason leading to blindness is the age degeneration of yellow stains. Scientists from the United Kingdom

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