A molecule was detected capable of making a demention completely healing



The decrease in cognitive functions during dementia occurs against the background of the mass death of neurons, which can be caused by an erroneous immune response and neuroperation. The mass death of neurons activates astrocytes and microgly in an attempt to protect the brain due to inflammation. The fact is that in critical for the body, they are aimed at the destruction of the areas of the brain, where the death of neurons is observed. For example, this function is very important for survival during infection, however, in the case of neurodegeneration, everything is somewhat different.

There are many cases when a large number of plaques were determined in the brain of the deceased person, but during life he did not have characteristic signs of the disease. This is explained by the fact that the neuropriety was minimal or absent at all.

The team of researchers from Harvard studied in detail this process and found that part of the astrocytes tries to «exhaust the fire» and releases the signaling molecule interleukin-3 for these purposes (IL-3). As a result of their work, it is possible to pacify the microogly, which returns to its familiar function of nutrition and protection of neurons from the clusters of toxic proteins.

«Understanding that astrocytes interact with Microglia with IL-3 has important clinical consequences for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease,» the co-author of the work of Philip Svirski commented. Driving IL-3 can be stopped or even reversing the development of the disease, he added.

Currently, the only universal means of preventing Alzheimer’s disease is an active lifestyle and balanced nutrition. Recently, scientists from the United States even managed to prove it: they

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