A new study showed that electric vehicles by 30-70% «cleaner» of gasoline


The study puts the point in the dispute about the comparative purity of electric vehicles and cars from the engine. The authors calculated that for the entire life cycle EV — from the extraction of materials going on the production of the machine, before utilization — the electrocar is highlighted significantly less than CO2 than gasoline. And this is true for both Europe with its large renewable energy share and for, for example, India, which still consumes a lot of coal to generate electricity. Increased CO2 emissions in the production of batteries are compensated for the first year of the use of the electrocar.

It is believed that electric vehicles can be considered cleanly just as clean is the source of electricity, on which the power plant works — in this area in most regions of the world, the fossil fuel dominates.

«We have a lot of lobbyists from the automotive industry, which they say that electric cars are not so better if we take into account the production of electricity and batteries. We decided to explore this question and understand whether their arguments are true, «said Georg Biker, researcher from the International Council for Clean Transport (ICCT). Analysis of ICCT experts confirmed that these statements do not withstand critics.

Researchers rated the emission of the average for the size of electric vehicles registered in 2021 in India, China, USA or Europe — countries whose share accounts for 70% of new cars.

It is important to emphasize that the authors proceeded from the assumption that the electric car, registered in 2021, will last for 18 years,

The study also taken into account the announced measures to reduce emissions for each region, as well as forecasts of the International Energy Agency (IEA) for the use of renewable energy sources. On the other hand, some types of environmental impacts of automotive-related climates, the authors could not adequately appreciate.

Biker hopes that his report will help legislators to take a more informed decision on the future of transport. If countries leaders really seek to achieve carbon neutrality, then they should be understood that even hybrid cars are not clean enough to achieve this goal. The authors of the report recommend not to produce new cars on the roads from the Russian Federation since 2030.

«Any cars with an internal combustion engine are not able to reduce greenhouse gases needed so that we can coexist with climate change, Baker said. — This is true at the global level, so we need to give up the car from the engine at the global level. «

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