After 14 years, the United Kingdom will completely refuse energy from fossil fuels


Until the end of this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will officially announce the annual conference of the Conservative Party in Manchester, that since 2035 all electricity will receive from renewable sources,

«Wishing to reduce the country’s dependence on natural gas and other fossil fuels, Boris Johnson will announce this week that all the electricity of Britain will come from renewable sources from 2035,» the source said. «Prime Minister will present during the performance of his party’s plans for a significant increase in investment in renewable and nuclear energy, while Britain is experiencing a crisis caused by the jump in gas prices.»

According to the premiere, the transition to pure energy will allow in the future to avoid dependence on price fluctuations for this fuel. However, in order to ensure the basic needs of Britain residents in electricity, it will be required at least four times to increase the production of energy of sea wind, as well as increase the power of atomic energy installations,

Some of the environmental defenders this solution seems not enough. So, Doug Parr, the main scientist Greenpeace UK, having glooming the Government of Britain for finally agreed to exclude natural gas from the country’s electrical system, said that it was disappointed with the preservation of atomic energy commitment.

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