Alcohol use in any quantity reduces brain volume


Even moderate doses of alcohol adversely affect almost all parts of the brain, as was established as a result of a survey of more than 25 thousand inhabitants of Britain. The authors suggest that drinking has a direct impact on the volume of the brain: the more you drink, the less it becomes.

«There is no safe amount of alcohol — any dose of alcohol is harmful. Almost the whole brain is exposed — not only certain areas, as previously thought, «said Anna Topivala’s research leader from Oxford University.

Requesting data 25 378 people from Bobank UK Biobank, scientists compared parameters such as age, floor, education, alcohol consumption, brain size, and general health status for MRI images, hospital records and memorization tests,

In addition, in contrast to previous research that approves the benefit of wine consumption in moderate doses, the authors did not find any evidence confirming the difference in the types of alcoholic beverages for the brain. And they explain the connection of wine with higher education and socio-economic status by the fact that the wine usually use more educated, rich people — at least in the UK.

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