Almost 80% of coal TPPs in the US are already unprofitable and will be closed.


In the new report of the Energy Innovation Analytical Center, it is argued that the operation of 182 US coal power plants from 235 (or 77% of the total) is already economically unprofitable compared to power plants working on wind and sun energy, which will lead to their closure for five years. Coal, always considered extremely cheap raw materials, lost the wind and the sun in the cost of energy significantly faster than almost all key market experts were expected.

Over the past two years, the price for renewable energy has fallen much faster than predicted a national renewable energy laboratory in the 2018 forecast. And faster than analysts Energy Innovation in the previous report two years ago. In other words, the trend continues to strengthen: so many economically unprofitable coal TPPs appeared in the United States, as much as it should have appeared only by 2025.

In 2019, carbon TPP with a capacity of 239 GW acted in the United States,

«Because of the significant amount of departments left or reduced the production of coal power plants in the United States, the level of premature mortality has decreased, the authors write. — However, coal power plants are still responsible for 3,000 premature deaths per year in the country, as well as for significant health harm, in particular, asthma and premature childbirth. The transition from coal to clean, renewable energy resources, such as the Sun and the wind, will continue to reduce the mortality associated with air pollution.

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