An innovative lithium battery for Aerotexi is charged in 10 minutes


Lithium-ion batteries are perfectly coping with the nutrition of laptops and even cars, but for electrical aviation has not yet been found for the ideal solution. American scientists have demonstrated a new type of lithium battery with innovative high-temperature charging technology. With its help, Aerotexix will be able to replenish the supply of energy for flight 80 km in just 10 minutes.

The energy density of modern batteries is pale compared to traditional aviation fuel. Researchers are trying to make the batteries to store more energy per kilogram, there are other factors on the path of electrical aviation. For example, charging must pass quickly enough to wait for hours while you can fly, or change batteries.

«Batteries for flying machines should be with a very high energy density so that you can stay in the air, Van Chaoyan said from the University of Pennsylvania, the author of the study. «They also need very high power during take-off and landing.»

The new technology developed by Wan and his colleagues has become a continuation of the experimental battery, which they came up with a couple of years ago,

However, scientists have found a way to circumvent these problems, developing a unique design of a fine nickel foil, which warms up the battery to 60 ° C in 30 seconds. At the same time, the battery holds this temperature only 10 minutes, and then the same quickly cooled. This is enough to take advantage of the accelerated charging, but bypass the threat of destruction and metallization.

«In normal conditions, these three parameters required for the EVTOL battery work against each other,» said Wang. — High energy density slows down rapid charging, and fast charging usually reduces the number of possible cycles. But we were able to combine all three parameters in one battery. «

Another version of the rapid replenishment of the battery is the replacement of the batteries. Startup Ample.

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