Artificial intelligence discovered hidden bridges connecting galaxies

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

The new map of the dark matter known to us part of the Universe, created by American scientists using machine learning technology, opens several previously unknown thread-shaped structures connecting galaxies. According to scientists, the map «opens a new chapter in cosmology.» For example, it will help to answer the question whether the Milky Way of Milky Way and Andromeda, who slowly move towards each other.

Dark matter, which is 80% of the universe, forms a skeleton of the so-called cosmic threads, a large-scale structure, which, due to its gravitational influence, dictates the movement of galaxies and everything else. However, the distribution of dark matter is unknown, because it cannot be measured directly. Instead, scientists have to withdraw it indirectly, from the gravitational impact on other objects.

«Paradoxically, it is easier to study the distribution of dark matter at a high distance, because it reflects the very distant past, which is much less difficult,» said Yon Donhui from the University of Pennsylvania, the author of the study. — Over time, when the structure of the Universe has grown, its complexity has increased, so it is more complicated to produce local dimensions of dark matter. «

Earlier, when astronomers tried to make a map of cosmic threads, they began with the model of the early universe, and then simulated billions of years of evolution. However, this method requires too large computing capacities and has not yet given a sufficiently detailed result. Therefore, American scientists tried a completely different approach — built a model using the machine learning algorithm, trained in the distribution and movement of galaxies, gases and the other visible, as well as dark matter,

«Since dark matter manages the dynamics of the universe, it actually determines our fate,» said Yong. «So we can ask the computer to show how the local universe will look like billion years old. And we can bother time back to understand the history of our neighbors in space. «

Measuring distances to a special group of pulsating stars, a team of scientists from Poland created in 2019 the three-dimensional model of our galaxy for today. And discovered that it has curvature.

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