Asia Nikkei: The main advantage of Tesla before competitors — its patents


Japanese company Intellectual Property Landscape (IPL) in collaboration with ASIA Nikkei

Analysts divided Tesla patents for four conditional categories: electrification, automotive, semiconductor and computer. Most — 281 applications — refers to electrification equipment, followed by transport — 168 patents, semiconductors — 71 patent and computer technology — 60 patents. In general, Ilona Mask pays great attention to AI, automation and, on the Apple manner in the consumer electronics segment, improving user experience.

According to Asia Nikkei, TESLA patents do not always talk about the imminent appearance of new opportunities for electric vehicles, but in recent years the company tries to quickly implement its technology. For example, in 2019, Tesla patented the «call call» function and in the same year introduced the corresponding SMART Summon system. At the same time, some Tesla engineers work with the back for the future — among the applications a document from 2018 was discovered, which offered to replace all electromobile control systems on touch panels and gestures.

In terms of electrification, Tesla owns 29 patents focused on thermostat technologies. When IPL appreciated data on similar patents from various enterprises based on the number of citations and versatility, the TESLA patent on the thermostat system with the circuit of the coolant turned out to be in the first place. Experts also noted that thermoregulation is one of the key parameters affecting the supply of electric vehicles.

The semiconductor activity of Tesla, which also included solar panels, is an autonomous category intersecting with electric vehicles only indirectly. The company owns patents to moisture-resistant solar panels, as well as on solar panels, which look like ordinary tile — these products are treated as part of the business ENERGY. One of the few exceptions is a patent for the integration of the retractable solar roof in the coming Cybertruck power supply.

As for computer technologies, this area gradually becomes the fastest growing. Many TESLA bids are associated with machine learning for autopilot, others are aimed at ensuring a high level of security. IPL reported that, starting in 2019, the authorship of many patents belongs to engineers who previously worked in Apple. These specialists help the company to establish data processing for Full Self-Driving of the fifth level — a full autopilot, which will be able to control electric vehicles without human participation.

Computer technologies also include the development of hardware. Tesla still fundamentally refuses lidarov in the process of deploying autopilot, so develops processors that can quickly analyze large amounts of data. Now FSD can perform about 144 trillion operations per second, and in the long run, this indicator may increase by an order.

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