Audi will release its latest internal combustion engine in 2033


Most of the largest automakers in the world, except, except, Toyota recognized that transport on batteries is the future of the industry. Many of them have already announced the deadlines for the failure of the internal combustion engines: Volvo — in 2030, General Motors — in 2035. Now the Audi turn has arrived — the company will release its latest internal combustion engine in 2033.

On a climate conference in Berlin, the head of the company Markus Duzman made two statements regarding the Audi plans, the VOLKSWAGEN Group subsidiary, by electrifying the brand,

At the same time, the director promised, Audi will significantly expand its electric lineup. New E-TRON GT, RS E-Tron GT, Q4 E-Tron and Q4 Sportback E-Tron will appear, and with them the company will have more electric vehicles than models with internal combustion. By 2025, the brand will have more than 20 electrical models in rules.

In March of this year, Audi

On the basis of the new PPE electric platform, common to Audi and Porsche, will be collected

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