Australian company successfully tested the prototype of an electric badholder


The Australian company CopterPack has shown the video of the first person’s test flight on the prototype of an electric knitting knitting. Technical details, including the stock of the battery and carrying capacity, have not yet been published, but it is already known that the device is capable not only to lift the pilot into the sky, but also safely lower it to the ground.

According to the design, the launcher with propellers resembles a reactive launcher of the New Zealand company Martin Aircraft than the models that jetpak pioneers are developing

Judging by the video, the flight passes surprisingly calmly: a stable, managed taking off, the rise on a rather large height over the beach, a demonstration of forward and sideways, the control rate with the turns of the average degree of field and finally a very soft landing,

Taking into account the small battery size and well-known energy density problems, it is unlikely that the device at this development stage is able to be in the air for a very long time. Most likely, this is the main problem of startup engineers — for such large fans you need a decent energy supply. And in terms of safety, only two screws seem to be a big risk for the pilot.

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