Billionaire wants to establish a new city in the US and give it to residents


The American entrepreneur Mark ENT presented an ambitious plan for creating a new city in an even place that will belong to its inhabitants. The design of the city of Telosa is already designed by the architects of the Bjarke Ingels Group Bureau (BIG) and, if it is embodied that while in question, it will be located on an empty territory somewhere in the United States. The first residents will be able to settle in it in 2030.

Mark ENT, a businessman and an investor, a few years ago, Walmart selling his website for $ 3.3 billion, insists that his project is not utopia.

«Capitalism is an incredible economic model, but it has significant disadvantages, especially with regard to income and inequality of wealth distribution. Many of these shortcomings are the result of the ownership model on which America was built. Earth final quantity, and it is divided by several generations ago — communities were created, taxes were directed to the land investment, so the Earth increased in price, and the landowners do not have to produce anything or risks. The Earth can easily do the way from the fruitless desert nail to a modern city worth billions (and even trillions!) Dollars, «he said.

The details at this stage have not yet been developed, however, in the imagination there is a picture of an idyllic city with farms and greenhouses, between which buildings are covered with solar panels and collectors for rainwater. The tower of equality will rise in the Central Park of the city,

The idea is to build the city of stages. The first stage costs $ 25 billion and consists of building 600 hectares of housing area for 50,000 people. Then the city grows in size and accommodates already 5 million inhabitants, demanding an investment of another $ 400 billion. It is assumed that financing will come from private investors, philanthropists, federal and local grants and subsidies.

The location of the city is not yet selected. Among the most preferred options — Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas and the Appalach region.

Without a doubt, the Telosa project expects numerous difficulties, criticism and pitfalls. However, such precedents are already available. Bill Gates presented a plan for the construction of a smart city in Arizona last year, and Prince Charles built a village in England on new social principles. Permissive to create a city in Texas

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