Black hole in the center of the Milky Way can be a throat of dark matter


It is believed that the Milky Way, like most of the galaxies, in the center is a supermassive black hole. The astrophysics from Italy put forward the assumption that it may not be a hole at all, and our galaxy rotates around the dense nucleus of dark matter consisting of Darkino’s hypothetical particles. Although it is just a hypothesis, some features of the Milky Way it describes very accurately.

The stars of the Milky Way holds a huge mass together, located in the center, equal to about four million suns. This object, called Astronomers Silver A * (SGR A *) it is impossible to see directly, but its existence is derived from the movement of its surrounding stars. The supermassive black hole is the most logical candidate, but not the only one.

Doubts appeared seven years ago, when the gas cloud G2 was found in the SGR A * orbit,

The characteristic feature of fermionov is that only one of them can occupy a certain quantum state at this point of space, which limits their density. This means that the center of this ball is a much less extreme environment than the supermassive black hole. And it should not absorb flying by the cloud G2.

In addition, scientists found that if Darkino possesses a mass of about 56 keV, the model accurately predicts the movement of the accumulation of neighboring S-type stars, as well as the rotation curve of the external Milky Way.


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