Blood tests confirmed that aerobic loads slow down dementia

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Scientists have identified three biomarkers of blood for which it is possible to estimate the impact of changes in the lifestyle on the brain function. Until now, researchers rely only on the results of instrumental diagnostics and general information that regular physical exertion is useful to older people to prevent neurodegeneration. Now they will be able to quickly and clearly show patients, what benefit is the sport to preserve cognitive functions.

Regular physical exertion is recommended to all people with genetic risks of dementia and patients with a diagnosed diagnosis. It is known that aerobic exercises contribute to an increase in the volume of gray and white matter of the brain, improve the blood flow and memory function. Now a group of researchers from the USA

To identify the most informative biomarkers, scientists focused on those who participate in training and memory. They focused on the CTSB enzyme, which is associated with the memory function and neurogenesis and is usually reduced in the elderly, the BDNF protein, which plays an important role in neurogenesis, the memory and neuroplasticity of the brain, as well as Klotho protein associated with resistance to neurodegenerative diseases.

The experiment was attended by 23 men and women at the age of 65, who had a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease. At the time of the study, volunteers did not have symptoms of dementia.

Participants were divided into two groups: the first was engaged in physical exertion of average intensity for 26 weeks, and the second elevated.

«Our results demonstrate that CTSB, BDNF and Klotho can be called informative biomachers to assess the impact of lifestyle changes to the function of the brain,» the co-author of Henrietta Wang Paag commented. The authors are confident that their use in clinical practice will make monitoring the progression of Alzheimer’s disease much easier and low-cost. Of course, the findings also confirm the benefit of regular physical activity to improve the functions and health of the brain, it added.

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