Blue Origin warned space tourists about overloads in 5.5 g


Private space company Jeff Bezness Blue Origin is going to run to the cosmos border the first crew on board the New Shepard rocket. Flying is scheduled for July 20. The first ticket will be sold from the auction, which began today and last 5 weeks. Only after that the standard ticket price will be announced. A small font of those who want to buy a ticket warned that they should be ready to move the load by flight to 5.5 g.

«We will sell the first place at New Shepard,» said Arian Cornell, Blue Origin Sales Director, at a press conference. — The auction will last about five weeks, will consist of three stages and starts today … anyone can go to the Blue Origin point COM, register and start trading. «

At the first stage, anonymous closed suggestions will be accepted. After May 19, all rates will be visible. Finally, on June 12 an open online auction will be held on which the winner will be determined. Celebrated funds will go to the Club for the Future Non-commercial Foundation, helping children to study accurate sciences and engage in astronautics.

In addition to tourists, astronauts will take part in the first flight, but the company does not call their names. In addition, the minimal fonts in the agreement lists the requirements for applicants: passengers should weigh from 50 to 100 kg, to be increasing from 152 to 193 cm, and also be able to withstand the load 3 G (i.e., three times their own weight) during Couples of minutes during lifting and 5.5 g for a few seconds during the entrance to the atmosphere.


The first commercial flight of Blue Origin will be the culmination of ten years old, the efforts of the Space Company Jeff Bezness. Initially, the company began selling tickets for 2019, and the first flight of tourists to the cosmos border — for the 2020th. Rocket New Shepard

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