BMW introduced the design of a cargo three-wheeler and scooter


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«Our task is to develop a concept that combines the mobility and the feeling from driving a regular bicycle with additional innovative options for safe transport,» said Johen Karg, head of the company’s design division. — The concept of Dynamic Cargo is the first dynamic bike-pickup, combining riding pleasure with flexibility to use and high stability throughout the year. «

Since the rear of the Dynamic Cargo does not lean down when turning, you can install various options for cargo modules, such as a children’s chair, a low platform, an armchair with a folding backrest in a park or a mount for the surfboard. All this goes on reliable rear wheels, reinforced electrical drive, which automatically starts the help system when pressed to the pedal. Nothing is known about the battery, except that it is removable,

Clever Commute scooter is suitable, according to the design of designers, and for personal use, and as a leased transport. In the folded form, it is placed along the trunk of the BMW car of the third series or climbs the mini trunk across. There is also a compact mode for convenient transportation by escalators.

As in the case of Dynamic Cargo, BMW promises for a scooter over 20 km on one charge and removable battery.

In Germany, in a factory in Dingolfing

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