Breakthrough in the fight against obesity: Cells that launch the combustion of visceral fat were found


There are several types of fat in the body of a person, and the visceral, located deep inside the abdominal cavity is distinguished. It accumulates around the organs and causes a whole bouquet of various diseases, but Biologists from Portugal found a method for managing its metabolism. Their research opens up new, striking opportunities to effectively combat obesity.

In normal quantities, visceral fat plays an important role in a number of biological functions, such as reproduction, but when it accumulates above the norm, it begins to produce proteins, hormones and chemicals that increase the vulnerability of the body. In particular, the number of cytokines, which contribute to cardiovascular diseases, and free fatty acids, which affect the production of blood lipids. As a result, visceral fat is directly related to obesity, which, in turn, leads to a number of diseases, including cancer.

From subcutaneous fat, visceral is distinguished by a structure that is interested in researchers. In particular, they drew attention to the role of ILC2 immune cells and the possibility of regulating their activity. They play an important role in the work of many tissues and organs, but still scientists have not yet known which cells they control them in visceral fat and how they communicate at the molecular level,

According to researchers, this is the first clear example of a neural network that transfers the brain information into an immune function associated with obesity.

Tests conducted by scientists from the USA

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