Britain launches a large-scale blood test for cancer for 140 thousand volunteers


The new test allows you to determine more than 50 types of tumors, including lung cancer, intestines and pancreas in the early stage. As is known, early detection of cancer increases survival rate of 5-10 times, so scientists impose high hopes for a new simple diagnostic method.

This week in the UK launched a large-scale study of cancer test with 140 thousand volunteers from 50 to 77 years. Participants will have to pass blood samples, and then repeat the procedure after one or two years,

A blood test test determines DNA fragments secreted by a tumor in the bloodstream.

The first test results are planned to receive by 2023. If they are successful, then in the period from 2024 to 2025, about a million more volunteers will be invited to participate.

Meanwhile, the new test is already available in the United States. Completed previously clinical studies have shown that it is informative for diagnosing more than 50 types of tumors. For example, a test defines about 67% of more than ten most common types of tumors, which currently account for about two thirds of cancer deaths.

Among the most common tumors determined by the test, lung cancer, intestines, pancreas, ovarian, liver, esophagus, cervical, prostate gland, and some types of oncohematological diseases are distinguished. The introduction of a test into routine clinical practice should significantly reduce mortality from cancer due to early detection of tumors at the operational stage, scientists are hoping.

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