British got access to a revolutionary drug from lung cancer


The effect of medication is aimed at mutation kras, which is found at about a quarter of all cases of cancer. As part of clinical studies, it was shown that therapy stops tumor growth for seven months. Now, thanks to the agreement of the National Health Service, the United Kingdom with the developers from Amgen, the drug will receive the first 600 patients.

The preparation of Sotorassib is considered one of the most striking achievements in the treatment of lung cancer over the past 20 years. In the US, it is already available under the Lumakras trademark and now other countries also seek to ensure its accessibility for the population. Residents of Great Britain became the first in Europe, which will receive the drug within the framework of agreement with developers from the American biotechnology company AMGEN,

According to the results of clinical studies, Sotorassib is aimed at mutation Kras G12C and makes it inactive, thereby stopping the division of cancer cells and tumor growth. Kras mutation is detected by about a quarter of all cases of lung cancer, and also occurs when colormacting cancer, pancreatic tumors and others.

«The medicine is expanding the list of effective drugs that increase survival in patients with disabilities,» Charles Svenson commented on a British charitable organization for cancer research.

Sotoisib is produced in tablets. From clinical studies, it is known that therapy stops tumor growth for seven months.

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