Bye aerospace start selling electric aircraft EFLYER 800


The American aircraft manufacturer Bye Aerospace has begun to commercialize its electric aircraft. How

The BYE AEROSPACE EFLYER 800 is a small electric aircraft designed to electrify regional flights. The aircraft accommodates up to seven passengers and two pilots. The plane accelerates to 600 km / h, the range of full loading is 926 kilometers. This should be enough for the corporate aviation market and charter flights between neighboring cities. The company also promises to reduce the operating costs of aircraft operators at least by 80% by refusing to traditional aviation fuel.

As for the design of EFLYER 800, the electrical power supply is supplied with two electric motors installed on the wings. Each of them offers a double backup winding and a set of four-channel batteries. In the long run, bye Aerospace will also consider the possibility of automating its models using algorithms based on artificial intelligence.

«As an aviation company, driven by aviators, we believe that the electric engine is the following large innovation in the world of air transportation, and bye aerospace will be one of the very few manufacturers able to certify an environmentally sustainable aircraft that meets the needs of our expanding client base,» the general director said Jet It Glenn Gonzalez.

Now BYE AEROSPACE is working on the certification of its aircraft in collaboration with the Federal Civil Aviation Department of the United States (FAA). The company plans to obtain relevant documents by 2025 — then official commercial flights running Jet IT and Jetclub will be launched. In parallel, bye Aerospace will develop two more models — Eflyer 4 miniature electric grid, intended for flights in the vicinity of one city, as well as a similar version of EFLYER 2.

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