CAG Aion has shown the electric vehicle charging in 8 minutes

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The need for a long time to charge the battery is one of the restraining factors of the electrification of transport. The Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles GAC Aion introduced new charging technology, which is approaching the speed to refueling the tank of the ordinary machine. At the presentation, the company showed that the Aion V EV battery can be replenished in minutes without harm to the battery.

Aion is an electrical division of the Guangzhou Automobile Corporation (GAC) GROUP. The company has released four models of electric vehicles, including Aion S, which is promoted as the main competitor to TESLA in the Chinese market,

In 2021, the GAC announced a new Aion V SUV with a graphene battery promising 1000 km of the stroke stock. Many immediately called the application of the company bluff, because it is believed that the development of the graphene battery has not yet reached the final stage. True or not, we will find out in the fall, when Aion V is presented.

In the meantime, the manufacturer demonstrated the capabilities of the charging system of the graphene battery, presented in two versions, 3c and 6c. The first allows you to charge Aion V from scratch to 80% in 16 minutes, and in a more realistic situation — from 30% to 80% in 10 minutes.

During the first demonstration, the charger showed a power of 481 kW at 80% of the charge. When the charging voltage reached 855.6 V, the current reached 562.8 amps, helping to charge the electric vehicle in 4 minutes.

The company claims that such high indicators will not harm the battery and that even if used 6s all year round at room temperature, the battery is enough for a million kilometers. Avion V version 3C will provide 500 km run, and 6C is all 1000 km.

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