China will begin colonization of Mars in 2033


The first piloted mission on Mars was planned for 2033, said Wang Xiaojun, head of the Chinese Research Institute of Rocket Technology during the Cosmonautics Conference in Russia. Chinese astronauts will begin to build the first Martian base, an interplanetary cargo message will be established. The deadlines of the five first missions are already defined.

As Van, the first steps of China on Mars will be the study of the soil, collecting samples and choosing a place to accommodate the base. The next stage is sending astronauts for the construction of a permanent settlement. Then regular cargo flights will be organized between the Earth and Mars and the technologies of the return of Taikonavtov home will be tested.

About their plans, the Chinese side told after recent success in astronautics: the NPR began

After a few months, after reducing and collecting data, a 240-kilogram rover on solar panels was lowered to the surface. In May, he made the first trip. China has become the third country of the land, landing on the Red Planet of the Marsoport, following the USSR and the United States.

NASA plans to send the first Americans to Mars in the 2030s. As for the private company Spacex, her head Ilon Mask

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