Conditions for conception determine human health 40 years ahead


Scientists identified the epigenetic mechanism, which is transferred from the mother to the child and in the long run can affect such indicators as the level of insulin and cholesterol. The decisive factors were the income of the family, the age of the mother and other indicators.

Study of Finnish scientists from the University of Tampere

DNA methylation is an epigenetic mechanism that turns off the expression of genes, which, in turn, regulates the function of tissues and cells. «In this case, the chromosome inherited from the father is always non-generated and expresses NC886. Now we found out that people with the expression of NC886 and on the maternal chromosome (approximately 25% of the population) there is a higher level of insulin and a lower level of glucose in adolescence, as well as a higher cholesterol level, «the author of Saara Marttila said.

However, people with such peculiarities were born less in families with a high level of income and social status, as well as if the mother’s age was from 21 to 30 years.

Scientists also found that DNA methylation status in the NC886 gene is stable since childhood and for 40 years. «This is an excellent example of epigenetic imprinting,» Marttila added.

Now the team intends to assess the effect of the expression of the NC886 gene on other health indicators in order to better understand the informativeness of the biomarker for further use in clinical practice.

In another study, scientists came to the conclusion that the epigenetics of the child

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