COVID-19 and chronic fatigue syndrome have striking similarities


The so-called long COVID-19 is observed approximately every third pass. American scientists have found that his symptoms amazingly resemble chronic fatigue syndrome. Thanks to the new understanding of the nature of these coincidence, it is possible to improve the effectiveness of therapy, they believe.

For a long time, chronic fatigue syndrome or myaglic encephalomyelitis was not recognized as a separate physiological disease and only recently began to relate to chronic diseases. Meanwhile, the nature of this state is not clear. It is believed that in many patients, chronic fatigue syndrome appears suddenly after any acute viral infection.

According to new data, COVID-19 and chronic fatigue syndrome are striking similarities,

This is manifested by an imbalance between the active forms of oxygen and the mechanism of antioxidant protection inside the cells. It is known that the excess of the active forms of oxygen can damage the cell components and provoke inflammation.

The hypothesis of scientists is that the redox imbalance leads to systemic and neuroperation, which, as a result, the cause of many symptoms of both a long COVID-19 and chronic fatigue syndrome. For example, for both states is characterized by fatigue, feeling of fog in the head, memory disturbance, etc.

It is important to note that scientists do not consider this reason the only one. Further study of the mechanisms of these states will allow, it may be possible to reveal new provoking factors.

So far, oral therapy, aimed at restoring the redox balance, has not demonstrated significant improvements. Scientists calculate that further research will make new more effective measures.

Recently a team of American researchers

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