Cowid changes the volume of gray substance in the brain, for a long time by depriving capacity


After oxygen therapy or high temperature in patients with Cake, the volume of the gray substance in the front-optical-temporal neural network of the brain was reduced, scientists from the United States were installed. This leads to increased incapacity among patients, even six months after discharge. The authors of the study suggest that, measuring the volume of the gray substance in the pictures of the CT, one can predict the course of the disease and assign the therapy.

The gray matter of the brain plays an important role in processing information, functions and communications of neurons. Judging by the research conducted by specialists from the University of Georgia, the main blow to the COVID-19 gray substance in the front zone,

Scientists analyzed the results of computed tomography of 120 patients with neurological problems, 58 of which were sidewged in acute form. And applied a morphometric analysis that allows you to use statistical methods to explore the sample of moderate sizes.

Long high temperature is another factor leading to a reduction in gray substance in the lower and middle frontal convolutions.

In addition, the decrease in the volume of the gray substance was noted in the upper, medial and medium-sized headquarters in patients with increased entertainment. It can be assumed that these changes in the brain can underlie affective disorders that often occur in patients with COVID-19.

Reduced gray substance correlates with risky behavior,

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