Created a processor that changes its architecture several times per second

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The MORPHEUS processor, the development of US engineers, was held the first serious test, reflecting the attack of hundreds of professional hackers in the security competition held by the Office of Prospective Research Projects of the US Department of Defense (DARPA). The microachiteture changes so quickly that a potential hacker does not have time to understand the system, but at the same time the instability of the microarchitecture of the processor does not affect the work of the programs and the convenience of the user.

In 2017, Darpa has invested $ 3.6 million in the draft University of Michigan $ 3.6 million. After three years, the processor with unusual architecture was ready for testing. For four months, it was tested for vulnerabilities as part of the Finding Exploits to Thwart Tampering (Fett) 525 digital safety professionals,

The purpose of the program is to experience a new security system capable of protecting data regardless of how vulnerable software is. At Morphee, it was identified to simulate a medical database with software «holes» — and nevertheless, no attack could not break through his defense.

There are no programs without bugs, and often hackers can use them for hacking. The developers of the software usually latch these holes when they find, but usually it happens after the attack when the hackers switches to the following vulnerability. The cycle continues in an infinite arms race between the attack and protection.

Not so long ago, the computer has realized that iron can also play an important role in safety. To create a malicious hacker, you must understand the processor microarchhtics to know where to implement the code. The construction of protection at the level of hardware in the potential can once and forever put an end to this arms race. That was the idea of ​​the developers of «Morpheus». In fact, this computer encrypts key information — location, format and data content. But this is not enough: the thrust hacker can still hack the code in a few hours.

Here, the Morphey’s main weapon enters into business — the system mixes encryption randomly once a few hundred milliseconds. Thus, even if the hacker somehow receives information about the processor, it is completely changing even before the attacker has time to do something.

It is also important that this complexity does not affect programs and users, since stirring occurs at the level with which simple system users usually do not interact. The main disadvantage is that the «morphor» works by about 10% slower than the usual processors similar in power. But this is a minor fee for 100% security. However, the developers promise to speed up the system so that the difference with conventional processors is invisible.

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