Created a prototype of the fabric to which you can drop photos and videos.


Fibers with digital capabilities created by MIT specialists can collect, memorize and analyze information with neural network. They can be sewed in clothing and use to control the physical condition, medical examination or diagnostics in the early stages. And in the future, connecting the microcontroller, you can assemble a computer from the fabric.

So far, the electronic fibers were analog — transferred a continuous electrical signal — and not digital when a separate bits of information can be represented and processed in the form of zeros and units,

Digital fibers open up new features and solve a number of conventional fibers, Gabelie Lok, lead author of the article. For example, it allows you to monitor individual elements inside the fiber from one point at the end of the wire. «Imagine a fiber in the form of a corridor, and elements like rooms, each own unique digital numbers,» he explained. Researchers have developed a method of accessing these «rooms», which allows you to turn on one element without affecting all others.

The researchers were also able to save in digital fiber, and then play a full-color short video file in size 767 kilobytes and a 0.48 megabyte audio file. At the same time, files can be stored without energy for two months.

The developers went even further by writing a neural network with 1650 connections into the fibers. Sewing these fibers of the shirt fabric, they were able to collect data on the body temperature for 270 minutes and analyze how they relate to various physical activity. Then, having passed training based on this data, the shirt was able to determine with an accuracy of 96% than the owner is busy.

Having under hand such opportunities, it will be possible to sew clothes that real-time warns the owners of problems with respiratory or cardiovascular systems or reports the frequency of the pulse athletes during the workout.

Manages a smart cloth a small external device, so that the next step of scientists will develop a microcontroller, which could be connected to the fiber. If this happens, you can collect a computer from the fabric.

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