Created a prototype vaccine from the most dangerous pathogen — golden staphylococcus


Scientists were able to figure out in detail how superbacterium suppresses the immune response and begins to spread in the body. Based on the discovery, a vaccine prototype was created, which has already shown a decrease in staphylococcal toxicity on a preclinical model. This strategy should work in a person, the authors are sure.

Golden Staphylococcus is considered one of the biggest threats to a person, since this superbactery is perfectly evaded antibiotics. For example, in the United States, mortality from metieticillin-resistant gold staphylococcus (MRSA) exceeds the total mortality from HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis. It is known that Golden Staphylococcus weakens the immune system with the expression of spa protein. Scientists from Trinity College in Dublin were able to figure out this mechanism in detail.


Then scientists have developed a mutant version of SPA and tested it on a preclinical model. Treatment significantly reduced toxicity, as the authors were calculated.

It is estimated that every year about 700 thousand people die in the world due to infections that can no longer be defeated by antibiotics. The growth of antibiotic resistance is considered a key threat to a person, so before scientists are an important task for developing new drugs and vaccines to contain the situation.

Previously, scientists from the United States came to a similar conclusion about the important role of leukocytes for protection against staphylococcus. They also

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