Davinci electricotocycle will go to the owner, if he wants to go

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The Chinese company DA VINCI DYNAMICS released a new streetbike, providing it with all the technologies, which only in her portfolio: a turn of 400 km according to NEDC, torque 850 N * m, gyrostabilizer and advanced electronics. A motorcycle is already able to move «Clear», and in the future he is promised to teach «jogging» for the owner.

Motor wheel D100 promises 137 liters. p., Pink power 850 N * m and acceleration up to 100 km / h per 3-4 seconds. The accumulator by 17.7 kW * h can be charged in 30 minutes. In addition to the anti-locking system and regulating the traction effort, which has already become the standard, there is a function of «Clarice Movement» when the motorcycle rides very slowly if you release the brake lever. The same thing in the opposite direction to leave the parking space. There is a system of assistance when starting on the rise and automatic recuperative braking when descending from a hill that allows you to replenish the reserve of energy and not too accelerate.

The bike can be controlled remotely, so that theoretically, it can be called from a parking space as «Tesla». All these technologies, in principle, have already been developed, but to see them in the serial motorcycle is still unusual,

You can estimate the design of the motorcycle on the video below.

In addition, DA VINCI is going to open access to the code to «allow creative developers to create and share new features.»

Motorcycle is available for pre-order for $ 27,500. The DC Classic version is also presented with not so large fairings, an enlarged battery, a plurality of brilliant elements and a seat of French calf leather. The price tag is appropriate: $ 90,000.

Italian company 2Electron.

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