Democratic Tesla hatchback without steering and pedals will appear in 2023


A year ago, speaking at the «bottom of the batteries», Ilon Mask

«TESLA will make a convincing electric car for $ 25,000, which will also be completely autonomous,» said Mask in 2020. And explained that it would be possible to reduce the cost at the expense of new nutrition elements and production technology, thanks to which the cost of the release of batteries will be reduced by 50%.

The Tesla electric car for $ 25,000 is also called Tesla Model 2. According to rumors, it may be a hatchback that the company plans to produce in the factory in Shanghai and export around the world. Last year, Tesla announced plans to create a new engineering center in the PRC, which will deal with the development of the «Chinese style» electrocar. The selection of the Center’s employees has already begun, as

At the same time, the company showed the early sketches of a small electric hatchback, on the basis of which one can already make some conclusions about the direction of designer thought and the form factor. In August in Chinese blogs appeared

In contact with Mask employees, the release of Model 2 (this is not the official name) with the achievement of the company of the commercial version of the autonomous control system Full Self-Driving and even asked its employees: «Do we want to have a steering wheel and pedals?» He himself leans to ensure that they were not.

In 2019, Tesla showed an image of a car without a steering wheel and pedals. At the same time it was said that there are plans to submit such a model in two years.

The long-awaited Cybertruck, the output of which is scheduled for 2022, as well as all new Tesla models will

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