Designed by a single-passive hydrogen engine weighing only 10 kg


The Israeli company Aquarius Engines hopes that its development will be able to oust gasoline engine generators and hydrogen fuel cells in the electric vehicles of the future. The hydrogen engine weighs only 10 kg and produces energy with the help of a single piston. In addition, Aquarius is working on the engine for an autonomous microgenerator.

The free-piston engine, the first model of which was created by the company in 2014, consists of a single central cylinder, in which the piston moves between two heads,

«Judging by the first tests, our hydrogen engine that does not require expensive hydrogen fuel cells can be affordable, green and sustained responses to problems facing transport and energy producers throughout the light,» said Gal Friedman’s chairman.

Aquarius generators on fossil fuel are undergoing field tests in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Nokia plans to establish them on remote communication gear of Germany, Poland, New Zealand and Singapore to observe productivity remotely.

The potential of pure hydrogen fuel increases the attractiveness of technology, especially in Japan. Aquarius recently agreed on strategic partnership with TPP and Musashi Seimitsu Industry auto parts manufacturers.

At the beginning of the month, American engineers

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