Developed the first ship-robot for transporting 200 MW * h electricity


The Japanese Startup Powerx has developed a unique design vessel capable of significantly expanding the potential of coastal wind power plants and help the country to achieve the declared 10 GW of wind generation by 2030. Power Ark 100 — or Electriccheg is a specially designed trimaran for transporting clean energy, economical and careful in relation to the environment.

The PowerX startup was created with the mission to change how worldwide transport and consume renewable energy. Its founders are convinced that Power Ark 100 will revolutionize in the naval energy, given the difficulties and restrictions facing energy companies, forced to pull power cables along the bottom to the shore to connect offshore stations to the network.

The cargo ship like Power Ark 100 could reduce costs and minimize environmental damage, since it is characterized by the flexibility of operation, does not require large investment and steadily for marine elements,

Concept — but for now the vessel exists only in the form of a digital model — equipped with hundreds of batteries that accommodate up to 200 MW * h energy. It will be completely autonomous and, of course, on the electric shirt, with a stroke of about 300 km. In case of long-distance trips, tanks with biodiesel are also provided.

According to the forecasts of the developers, the first Power ARK 100 will be lowered in 2024.

The Ministry of Economy of Japan has put forward a draft law last month to increase the share of renewable energy to 38% by 2030. Environmental activists of environmental movements These measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions seemed to be «disappointing».

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