Disabled with implant caused a monkey to match the Neuralink chip


Both opponents are already training before the first interspecific battle of the minds, which will probably show online. The monkey has an advantage in the form of a more advanced implant and practice, in a person who is looking for a sponsor to acquire a new computer is a tactic and desire to win.

Ilona Mask company develops advanced wireless neuralplates that should allow a person to directly connect to computers and manage them remotely. In April neuralink.

«As soon as I saw it, I said: I wonder if I can defeat this monkey,» said Nanain Copland. In the past, he fell into an accident and now it can neither walk nor stitch his fingers. It saved the mobility of the hands and can control the computer and the touch pad, typing in a fist. Six years ago, he was bred by an implant, thanks to which he regularly plays video games. And now he is going to beat in a computer table tennis monkey from Neuralink,

«We are already preparing and train,» said Copland.

The contest between the two species will hardly have a value for neurobiology, but will undoubtedly attract attention to the problem of persons with disabilities, which neurointerfaces can return the possibility of communication and interaction with the environment. Probably the match will be broadcast online through the Twitch Stregnation Platform, which has an account.

The older version of Neurointerface is implanted into the copland brain: the implant designed at the University of Pittsburgh. Before performing the task, it requires a 10-minute training so that the algorithm can link the activity of neurons with certain movements. After such a workout, the user can send the cursor in different directions as if he managed them with the mouse.

The pager has an advantage in the form of a more advanced neurochip Link. It is not only wireless, but also writes data to a much larger number of neurons. It has about 1000 electrodes, while the copuland model fixes the signals of approximately 160 neurons at a time. Plus, the monkey trains longer. However, it is impossible to discount tricks and tricks affordable to a person: the ability to send the ball under an acute angle and other risky maneuvers. So the outcome of the contest is not predetermined.

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