During the 8-week expression, a group of people has become younger for three years.




In the placebo controlled experiment, 43 healthy men between the ages of 50 and 72 were attended by eight weeks. The program «Treatment» including a balanced diet, full sleep, exercise and relaxation — as a whole, achievable for most people conditions. Additionally, participants took probiotics and phytonutrients.

The physical activity included at least half an hour of exercises per day of average intensity. To reduce stress, participants performed breathing practices twice a day. The dream was about seven hours a day.

These changes in the lifetime of volunteers were aimed at a specific biological mechanism called DNA methylation. Changes in DNA melilling patterns can indicate a person with high accuracy to the human biological age, scientists explain. To assess the results, they analyzed samples of saliva and blood of participants.

The uniqueness and advantages of the experiment, according to the authors, are to use a secure supply program and lifestyle without medicines. This means that anyone can not only repeat it, but also to follow these rules throughout life. It is known that a healthy lifestyle significantly reduces the risks of the development of chronic diseases and slows the aging.

Currently, the team is gaining new volunteers for a broader experiment, which must be confirmed by the results obtained in the long run.

Recently another group of researchers

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