Earth began to accumulate heat with frightening speed


Over the past 15 years, the speed of heat accumulation atmosphere, oceans and land has doubled, it is said in the NASA report and the national administration of oceanic and atmospheric research (NOAA). The so-called energy imbalance of the Earth is the difference between the absorbed solar energy and reflected back into space — from 2005 to 2019 it became stronger than almost twice. This means that the temperature will grow, melting ice and snow will increase, the level of the world’s ocean will increase faster. All this will affect the stability of weather and harvest.

Life on Earth cannot exist without solar energy, but largely it depends on how much energy is reflected back into space. The climate of the planet depends on this fragile equilibrium. In addition to the global temperature, the most obvious effect of a positive imbalance, according to Nasa’s superior, the leading author of the author and specialist from NASA will be to «shifts atmospheric circulation», including in longer drought periods.

Using satellite data, scientists have found that the Earth gets more energy than it should, and it will warm the planet even more

The reasons for this energy imbalance are partly anthropogenic — greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, feedback loops caused by climatic change: as the global temperature increases, the volume of water vapor in the atmosphere is also growing, which increases even more. Snow covers and sea ice — natural reflectors of sun rays — also reduced due to global warming.

Another factor is Pacific decadal fluctuations stuck in the warm phase from 2014 until the end of 2020. Because of the sudden transition from the cold to the long-warm phase of the clouds over the ocean, it became smaller, and the Pacific Ocean began to absorb more solar radiation.

The world ocean is a huge storage of various gases, including trichlorfluoromethane, or freon. These substances accumulate at depth and stored in centuries. However, as a result of the heating of the ocean

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