Europe can start the production of natural gas from the energy of the Sun and Wind


In many European countries, the long and dark winter becomes a natural obstacle to the spread of solar energy. And in the sunny months, excessive energy is simply lost, as it is very expensive to accumulate and store it in batteries. The essence of the new project is to use this energy to accelerate methane generation in gas storage and glowing from them obtained by natural gas in the winter months. As a result, a steady carbon cycle is obtained with an efficiency of 60%.

The Underground Sun Conversion system developed and patented by the Austrian company Rag Austria has already begun to build and test several European companies, including the Swiss EMPA. Studies must be completed by the end of this year,

The unique method reproduces the process of producing natural gas in vivo, but compresses it in time in millions of times. The production cycle begins in the summer, on the surface. The energy obtained from the operation of solar panels and wind generators is directed to the production of hydrogen by the electrolysis method. Further this hydrogen — together with carbon dioxide — pumps into porous limestone and empty gas storages at depths to 1000 meters.

The entire cycle of obtaining natural gas from excess energy from solar and wind generation takes several months. Rag Austria successfully demonstrated the basic principles of its system and achieved the effectiveness of electricity transformation into methane at 60%.

Project partners are currently studying the potential sources of carbon dioxide and places suitable for the production of pure energy in excess quantities. In addition, they choose a suitable location for Underground Sun Conversion stations.

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