Exeger solar panels will stop charging network gadgets


The Swedish company Exeger has developed a new type of photoelectric elements for charging portable gadgets. The company’s solution is PowerFoyle technology — allows you to print solar panels that are effectively transformed into energy any light. Exeger spent more than 10 years to develop this system and now proceeds to its commercialization. Startup believes that by 2030, a billion people will be used by gadgets with integrated solar and panels from exeger.

Exeger engineers have developed and patented a new electrode material that replaced India-tin oxide (ITO), traditionally used in solar panels. According to the startup statements, this material delivered the system immediately from several problems. Due to the refusal from ITO EXEGER simplified production processes and was able to abandon silver lines, which previously increased the cost of the end device.

The company promises fast integration of PowerFoyle to any product and as an example leads first devices that will receive support for new technology — a bicycle helmet with a built-in pac lantern and urbanista wireless headphones. Both gadgets have already been launched on the basis of the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden — the first Exeger clients will receive helmets and headphones in July of this year.

«Any product that is combined with PowerFoyle can be charged with any forms of light, be it internal lamps or natural street light. The stronger the light, the faster the gadget is charged. In the POC helmet, for example, there is no USB port to power the lantern, because the surrounding light will maintain his charging constantly, «the CEO of Exeger Giovanni World Director of Exeger told the first product

As for the headphones, the more energy-dependent device will still retain the classic port, but also receive several advantages over competitors. According to the Fili, the owners of Urbanista will receive an additional three hours of listening to music after one hour walking down the street on a sunny day. The EXEGER head also added that many users do not have to think about charging a new gadget.

Eneger enthusiasm is not limited to headphones and cycling helmets. Among the potential profitable markets, the startup highlights household electronics, a smart home, a smart workplace and Internet of things. The ambitious goal of Exeger is to provide household devices for a billion person by its sunny panels to 2030.

The other day, Exeger attracted $ 38 million. Financing — 20 million. Provided Swedbank and Swedish export credit corporation, and the remaining startup received in the form of loans from Special Funds of Sweden and the EU. The funds received will go to the construction of the first major enterprise for the release of innovative solar panels. The plant will be located near Stockholm and, according to EXEGER estimates, by 2023 will increase the company’s current production capacity by more than 10 times.

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