Found a cave in which the last Neandertalian died

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In Wangard’s sea cave in the Gibraltar rock, archaeologists have discovered the hall sealed in the last 40,000 years or so. This finding can give a lot of new information about the life of the Neanderthals who inhabited this cave at sunset of their existence.

The opening committed a team of scientists under the leadership of Claiv Finley, director of the Gibraltar National Museum. They noticed the break in the sedimentary rock of the cave included in the complex the mountains. Expanding it, archaeologists were able to get into the hall, the existence of which was not suspected before,

The hall was 13 meters long, with stalactitis hanging from the ceiling. On the surface of the cave, archaeologists have discovered the remains of lynx, hyenas and vultures, as well as mollusk sink, which could not get here on their own — then the cave was located a few kilometers from the sea — so, most likely, the sink brought neametrals.

Scientists look forward to the opportunity to start excavations. They hope to find the remains of Neadarthals there. A few years ago, a 4-year-old neadlutal milk tooth was discovered near this hall. Presumably, already a dead child brought to the cave of hyenas.

In this system, the caves included in the complex Morama, archaeologists have already found traces of ancient people. It is considered one of the last habitats of the Neadaltoles who inhabited Eurasia from 200,000 to 40,000 years ago. The remains detected here indicate that the Neadthels hunted on their seals, decorated themselves with bird feathers and used tools.

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