Freight drone ELROY AIR will be able to do without the help of people for months

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Californian Startup ELROY AIR, which develops drones for the delivery of goods over long distances, received $ 40 million to commercialize its key product — a fully autonomous VTOL device Chaparral, which is capable of transporting goods weighing up to 226 kg to a distance of up to 480 km. Features Chaparral is a hybrid power plant that combines the electric mechanics from batteries and a jet engine, as well as the ability to fully automated work with cargo.

Unlike competitors and developers of passenger EVTOL-devices, ELROY focuses on the maximum stock of its drone. In order to meet the demand from potential customers, ELROY engineers have developed a hybrid power plant that can receive a pulse from both an electrical generator and a turbochargeable jet engine. This system provides flights by 480 kilometers without refueling and carrying capacity up to 226 kg.

«We have heard of our customers that they need longer routes, more distant missions than what the current rechargeable technology can actually give. It became clear that our transport you need alternative nutrition, in addition to batteries, «-

The second ELROY Important Technology is an automated cargo handling system. Due to the GPS combination and sensor sensors, the drone automatically identifies the transport container with the desired load and independently drains it to the case. Thus, everything you need to load the fleet of ELROY drone — it is convenient to decompose transport containers on the download site so that the machines do not interfere with the movement of each other. Other robots can cope with this task — automatic forklifts or similar mechanisms. As a result, the startup removes not only pilots from the cargo transportation, but also movers, saving to pay for their work and insurance.

Like autonomy can be especially useful in the military sector, when the delivered cargo is dangerous for pilot, crew and ground personnel.

«More generally, people associated with national security are manifesting in order for logistics to be faster and automated, and to the transition from large expensive aircraft, which you do not have so much, to smaller, cheaper aircraft that You may be more, «Merrill added.

Developers from ELROY AIR are ready to work with both the private sector and military customers. Next year, the startup will launch a series of demonstration tests for the Air Force and Navy under the contract concluded with the army through the Agility Prime program. ELROY also has already cooperated with several potential partners from the logistics industry.

Investment Round Series A headed a venture division of Lockheed Martin, to which Marlinspike Capital, Prosperity7, Catapult Ventures, Diamondstream Partners, Side X Side Management, Shield Capital Partners and Precursor Ventures joined. New capital brings the total amount of financing ELROY AIR to $ 48 million and will be sent to pre-selected assembly, checking and testing the first batch of drone.

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