Future MEAT will reduce the cost of cultivated meat to $ 2 per 100 grams

15 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

The Israeli startup Future Meat Technologies announced the launch of the world’s first commercially viable enterprise for the production of artificial meat. Future Meat built a line for the rapid manufacture of large meat batches — the startup offers its customers a chicken, pork and lamb. By the end of this year, Future Meat products will appear in American restaurants, and next year their cost will fall to $ 2 per 100 grams.

Future Meat Cultivated Meat is not an artificial replace meat products collected from plant ingredients. The company takes the basis of several real animal cells, and then stimulates their growth in specialized incubators. At the exit, full pieces of meat appear, indistinguishable by their structure from standard products and not requiring slaughter of animals.

«From the very beginning, all our efforts have been focused on scale scaling and cost reduction so that we can get a commercially viable product. The story here is not to get a premium product. It is about the search for an alternative method of meat production, «explained the general director of Future Meat Rom Kshuk.