GAC Aion technology charges standard electric vehicle by 80% in 8 minutes


Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles Aion — SUBBRAND OF AVTOCONTERCER GAC — presented a new technology for super-fast charging of electrical transport. The stationary system allows you to charge a car for a trip to 200 km in just five minutes or replenish the battery charge from 0 to 80% in eight minutes. Charging has already been entered into the register of certified equipment of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of the PRC and in the coming days will be available for Aion V car owners.

During the automotive exhibition in the Chinese city of Chengdu, the representatives of the GAC Aion reported that the new system was made possible by updating cathode and anode materials, electrolyte and conductive battery agents. The innovations accelerated the process of migration and the introduction of lithium ions and improved the conductivity, thereby increasing the charge rate. The company also showed a test bench on which the station charged an Aion V electric vehicle from 30 to 80% in just 4 minutes and 50 seconds.

According to the company’s statements, the GAC Aion A480 charger operates during peak charging power of 480 kW. The technology also provides an operating voltage of 880 V, which is almost twice as much as the conventional batteries from 450 V, added to Aion. Chinese engineers also took into account that a superpust charge can adversely affect the car’s battery pack — according to their calculations, Aion A480 will allow you to «roll out» cars up to a million kilometers by saving room temperature during charging.

The first installation of Aion A480 will be launched in early September at the International Square in Guangzhou. Then the company will focus on the introduction of its charging stations in the Chinese cities «First and Second Level». By 2025, Aion plans to establish at least 2 thousand charging stations in 300 cities,

In addition to quick charging, the subsidiary of GAC also introduced a modified version of the electric vehicle Aion Y. This model differs from the predecessor with a massive bumper and lithium-iron-phosphate batteries by 60 kWh. The rechargeable unit is associated with a 136-strong electric motor promises a stroke reserve by 410 km. Start of sales of the updated Aion Y is scheduled for autumn of this year.

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