GE develops deep-water floating wind generators

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Offshore wind power plants continue to play an increasing role in renewable energy. But the wind farm near the coast is not always beneficial — they can interfere with shipping, fishing and fauna. General Electric is going to solve this problem and develop huge wind turbines that can work at high depths. For this, innovative semi-submerge floating platforms will be used, which will not be scared by any waves.

Floating turbines are already appearing in wind power, but Ge delivered a difficult task to develop a female version of the giant Halide-X. To do this, she attracted Glosten Design Bureau to cooperate and organized a joint venture.

Sea wind turbines are usually attached to the bottom with steel or concrete pile. Floating — long cables. The joint venture is developing a solution that will allow the use of a semi-duty base technology with a tensioned anchor fastening proposed by Glosten. The GE tasks include the development of control systems to correct the tension of cables so that the turbines keep stability in stormy waves.

In 2018, GE Renewable Energy presented the highest Halide-x turbine in the world by 12 MW. It rises 260 meters with three longest blades, which have ever been installed on sea wind generators. In December 2019 prototype was

These windmills will be placed on the largest offshore power plant Dogger Bank off the coast of England, and will also produce electricity in the future

However, despite record sizes, Halide-X has its own limitations. It is stationary, and the depth of its installation can not exceed 60 meters. «With the help of floating turbines, we will be able to significantly expand the zone of the wind energy outside 60 meters,» said Rogir Blom, an expert from GE.

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