HTT introduced the cargo terminal Hyperloop for marine ports


Hyperloop Transport Technologies introduced the concept of the seaport connected to the super-speed cargo transportation system Hyperloop. According to the plan of engineers, the technology of vacuum trains will allow transport to 2800 containers per day, covering hundreds of kilometers per minute — and without serious greenhouse gas emissions.

The Hyperloop system resembles a gigantic pneumatic tube that I still sometimes use to send parcels within institutions. True, in this case we are talking about the transportation of people and large cargo on Maglev-paths, laid inside the pipeline stretched for hundreds of kilometers. The lack of friction will allow the capsule to the supersonic velocity, at least in the theory.

One of the developers of such technology, HTT, showed a port logistics system, which is developing together with the Hamburg harbor and the German company Logistik AG, which owns a number of container terminals,

The design of the wagons corresponds to futuristic ideas. HTT argues that everything is designed in accordance with the modern standards of the industry. Now Hyperport is the certification process, and the next step will be a presentation in virtual reality, which will be held during the ITS World Congress Transport Congress in Hamburg in this October.

In the past, HTT has already attracted substantial financing of $ 30 with excess million, and the staff of 800 employees built full-size

In France, the company has a functional test track with a length of 320 meters, with a pressure reduced on a hundred paskali compared to those that are experiencing at an altitude of 38,000 meters. In this polygon, it is possible to carry out initial tests, but it is not suitable for overclocking up to 1220 km / h — the maximum speed of the passenger capsule.

In addition, over the past six years, the company has signed contracts for the construction of the Hyperloop network in India, China and the United Arab Emirates, but until full-scale work began.

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