«Humanity will face a serious climate change after 10 years»


Hold the growth of the average temperature on the planet within 2 degrees will not be possible. Climatic changes fundamentally change their lives on Earth in the coming decades, even if people are able to curb the emission of greenhouse gases. Mailing of animal species, epidemics, collapse ecosystems, flooding of coastal cities due to ocean growth — these and other phenomena will increase and will become obvious when the children born today will knock for 30 years. And this is a forecast of non-individual specialists, but an intergovernmental group of experts on climate change.

Nevertheless, the choice that people are now will determine whether humanity will be able to flourish in the 21st century or will be occupied only by survival, the authors of the intergovernmental group of climate change experts (IPCC) are considered, the draft version of which published the Agency France Press.

Their text of the report can be made at least four conclusions,

The second conclusion — the world should prepare for testing. The current level of readiness does not correspond to future climatic risks. By 2050, new tens of millions will be in the face of chronic malnutrition. Another 130 million people will be in poverty for ten years if nothing to do to correct social inequality. In the middle of the century, coastal cities on the «advanced» climatic crisis risk being flooded. Another 350 million city inhabitants will be devoid of permanent access to fresh water. Extreme heat will strike 420 million people.

Thirdly, the report speaks of the danger of combined and cascade impacts, as well as so-called non-return points that scientists barely began to measure and understand. One of these points will be the melting of the ice of Greenland and Western Antarctic, which will cause the warming of the planet for 2 degrees. This melting water is enough to raise the sea level by 13 meters. Another point of non-repayment can be the transformation of Amazonia to Savannah and emissions to the atmosphere of billions of tons of carbon from Eternal Merzlot Siberia.

Configuring optimism of forecasts in the report of a little, but IPCC emphasizes that much more can be done to avoid the worst scenarios and prepare for what one cannot be avoided. For example, support and restoration of blue hydrogen ecosystems, transition to a diet with a lower meat content. But one can not achieve it alone or disemboditating forests. We need changes at all levels, from individual to state. This is the fourth conclusion.

In the final version, this document with a thickness of 4000 pages will be made public in February 2022.

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