Hyundai: IonIQ 5 will be the most fast charged electric focus in the world


The South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company believes that the maximum power of charging electric vehicles is not a key indicator for transport with a zero emission level. The company is going to bypass competitors at the expense of another metric — charging speed «for Mileu per minute.» According to Hyundai engineers, first the modular E-GMP system installed in Ioniq 5 will exceed the speed of charging the electrocars of other brands, and then catch up with gasoline cars.


Traditionally, Tesla dominated in this area — the company’s electrocars are charged from 10% to 80% in 20-60 minutes, depending on the model and type of the connected station. But Hyundai promises to interrupt the leadership of the company Ilona Mask using the new E-GMP platform, which runs on the basis of an 800-volt battery system and patented technology to control the temperature. Hyundai argues that the IoniQ 5 crossover is the first electric car built on E-GMP — will be charged from 0% to 80% in just 18 minutes.

«If you compare us with Tesla Model Y or any electric SUV in our segment, we are going to dominate them according to the added stock of the stroke. Our ultimate goal is not electromotive-competitors, but internal combustion engines. And this gap is filled — a grand task. We have achieved tremendous success, but we still have much to do, «explained Ryan Miller, the Manager for the development of electrified transmissions Hyundai Kia America.

During the recent series, Hyundai tests confirmed that E-GMP is capable of maintaining an average power level of 150 kW over the entire charging session. Moreover, for the first five minutes, the E-GMP charging works at a power of 200 kW. Thanks to the technology for controlling the temperature that in Hyundai is called «internal cooling», nutrition elements are not heated, but support the high pace of charging.

The described Hyundai technologies will be available to buyers of electrical crossover IONIQ 5. The company does not disclose the exact date of the start of sales, but promises to organize the first deliveries of electric vehicle in the fall of this year.

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