IE University: residents of Europe and China are ready to replace politicians on AI

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

Despite a long list of restrictions and obvious disadvantages of existing technologies, a significant part of the inhabitants of Europe and China believe that the AI will cope with the work of politicians better than people do, they found out the IE University experts. In the course of the study, they asked 2769 people from 11 countries of the world as they relate to the prospect of creating a digital parliament. About 60% of US respondents reacted sharply negatively, and most of the respondents in Europe and China — 51% and 75%, respectively, would already support such a substitution.

According to Oscar Jonsson, the scientific director of the Center for the Development Management and the Author Research, faith in democracy as the form of government almost completely outlived. Analysts associate this phenomenon with increased political polarization, information bubbles and general crushing of information.

«Everyone believes that politicians are worst and, obviously, accused of this politicians, so I think that the report fully reflects the overall spirit of time,» the personal relations between respondents and officials played an important role in the results of the survey.

The idea of replacing parliament on the AI was especially popular in Spain, where 66% of respondents were supported. In addition to Spain, the most adherents of the transfer of the legislative authority algorithms were registered in Italy and Estonia — 59% and 56%, respectively. At the same time, in some European countries, the majority of surveyed have yet negatively relate to so fundamental changes — among them the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany.

But in China, the Parliament can be changed today at AI — 75% of Chinese respondents would support such a replacement. In the US, 60% of the Americans responded opposed the power of the AI. They do not see anything bad in the system of power with the participation of algorithms already 40% of Americans.


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