In Indonesia, a floating solar farm is built with an area of 1600 hectares

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

Singapore Sunseap allocated over $ 2 billion to the construction of a floating solar power plant and energy storage system at the Indonesian island of Batam, located on the south side of the Singapore Strait. Its area will be 1600 hectares, the rated power is 2.2 GW. It will produce such a station over 4000 MW * h energy.

Sunseap and the Administration of the Free Zone Batam announced the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the construction of a floating solar station. Financing Enterprise will be Sunseap Capital and bank loans,

Sunseap Group is a major supplier of equipment for solar energy. The total rated power of projects in the company’s portfolio is 2000 MW.

«One of this project will double the entire portfolio and, more importantly, will demonstrate our scaling of projects for generating and storing solar energy,» said Frank Phuang, director and founder of Sunseap. — Floating solar systems must pass a big way before the residents of the urbanized regions of Southeast Asia can cope with difficulties in obtaining renewable energy on land. «

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