In the first microseconds after a large explosion, the universe was liquid


About 14 billion years ago, our universe began to expand, creating along the part of particles, atoms, stars, galaxies and life in the form in which we know her. A group of physicists from Denmark with the help of a large hadron collider found out a little more about how it all began and what happened with a special type of plasma — the first matter in the Universe — during the first microsecond of a large explosion.

«At first, the plasma consisting of quarks and gluons was distinguished by expanding the universe. Then parts of the quark were transformed into the so-called hadron. Adron with three quarks formed proton, part of the atomic nucleus. These cores are building blocks that form the land themselves and the universe, which surrounds us, «said the University of Copenhagen University.

In addition to the collider, scientists have developed an algorithm capable of analyzing the collective expansion of a larger number of particles at the same time, which was possible ever before. Their results have shown that the CGP was before liquid and differed from another matter by constant change in the form.

For a long time, researchers believed that the plasma was a form of gas, but the analysis of scientists showed that the CGP had a smooth, soft texture like water. Over time, the plasma changed the form that it does not look like any other shape of matter, famous science.

Not all scientists adhere to the widely known theory of the Big Bang. So, publicist and supporter of plasma cosmology Eric Lerner

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