In the United States approved the first bioanalog insulin.


This is a long-awaited event for millions of diabetics, experts said. The bioanalogy has an identical action, but its market value will be significantly lower. Another advantage is that the patient does not need to approve the attending physician — you can go to a cheaper analogue yourself.

American regulator FDA

In order to obtain the status of a biosimilar, clinical studies should show that patients passing from the original drug to bioanalog have similar results of therapy and do not develop additional side effects, scientists explain. Thus, the transition to the bioanalog does not require approval of the attending physician and the patient can decide on its own.

The initial value of biosimilators in the United States is usually 15-35% lower than the cost of the original drug. This is a very important factor that expands the availability of medication for millions of people with diabetes. Semglee is introduced subcutaneously once a day.

In the US Semglee approved for use for the treatment of diabetes mellitus of the first and second types. Worldwide, more than 420 million adults and children suffer from both species of the disease.

NOVO NORDISK recently introduced a long-term insulin that can replace daily injections. Their data

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