In the United States began testing vaccine against opioid dependence


The basic effect of the vaccine is directed to the capture of durable substances to their penetration into the brain. This approach not only blocks the state of the euphoria in humans, but also warns the negative consequences of overdose.

Scientists from Columbia University were engaged in the development of an experimental vaccine. Currently already

It is estimated to be estimated at about half of people with opioid dependence, there is a relapse about six months after receiving drugs. Scientists expect that a combination of drugs with a new vaccine will give a much stronger result and will be able to protect more people from death due to overdose.

The vaccine is aimed at preventing oxycodone from entering the hematorencephalic barrier to the brain.

In preclinical studies, scientists have achieved the necessary results and now expect to confirm the effectiveness and safety of the drug for humans. Scientists plan to estimate two dosages of the vaccine and compare the effect with the placebo control group.

It is important to note that the vaccine is intended for the production of antibodies to the oskodonu and this targeted effect does not interfere with the reception of other drugs based on opioids necessary for therapy, the authors clarify. In addition, they are already working on the adaptation of the vaccine against heroin and fentanyl.

Oxycodon refers to semi-synthetic opioids and is often used to reduce symptoms of chronic pain. It is believed that 20% of residents of developed countries suffer from chronic pains, and among people over 60, their number increases to 40%. Earlier another research group

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